Service Price

Chirix supports two types of Service Prices. Service Price for individual customer and individual service provider. Chirix supports billing of Minimum Chargeable Quantity service price. Printing Organizations like Offsets has their own way of billing. They bill on the basis of Minimum Chargeable Quantity.

External Party Invoice

Chirix supports Outsourcer’s billing in External Party Invoice. Sub Contract (service providers) is handled by Process Scheduling and External Party Invoice.

Customer Invoice (Cooly Bill)

Chirix supports Job work done by customer. Customer Invoices is handling Job work. Chirix integrates with customer’s service bill. Invoices are used for requesting money from customers. Goods Delivery Order will be created against Job Work. In Customer Invoice, Chirix can handle other charges such as Insurance, Freight, Others and Discount with the Gross amount. Once we post the Customer Invoice is automatically posted to AR Invoice. Customer Invoice will generate revenue from the Customer.


  • In a Billing time of service provider, system fetches process quantity done by service provider from work order.
  • Reduce time to administrate the service provider.
  • Track the service provider’s invoice for external service process.
  • Track the customer for customer invoice.
  • Accurately track outsources services and job work.


Operational Documents

  • Excise Invoice
  • Tax Invoice