Key performance indicators or KPI’s are scorecards that provide summarized information regarding an organization’s current attainment against its established organization-wide goals and objectives. KPI’s provide management and individual employees with visibility to key data including overall profitability against plan, customer service index, and organization-wide inventory performance. KPI’s can be used to focus all personnel on common objectives and have ongoing visibility to organization performance.

Chirix Having Following KPI’s

Sales Summary, Receipt Summary, Sales Vs Purchase, Purchase Summary, Purchase Break-up, Purchase Vs Payments, Outstanding Issues, Outstanding Issues Count, Work order Status, Debtors Balance, Creditors Balance, Income Vs Expenses, Top 10 Sales, Top 10 Customers, Top 10 Destinations.


  • Chirix Dashboards Provides complete visibility into all organizations instantly.
  • Chirix can help Improves Organization efficiency.
  • Chirix can help Improves Productivity and Streamline Processes.
  • Ability to makes betterdecisions of your business.
  • Chirix dashboards enables on mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets) also.