Events – EMAIL

Events-EMAIL is a notification which can be sent to the customers by email. Whenever a mail needs to be sent to a user, when a particular event has risen in the function module. The Mail Header and Mail Footer are predefined in the events screen and Also configure Schedule every/Frequency (HOURLY, MINUTELY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, YEARLY) based on the Events.

Events - SMS

Events-SMS is a notification sent to the customers by SMS. Receivers check the SMS for what they have completed or not up to due date.

Event Logs

The Start time and the End time of an Event can be viewed in Event logs. Chirix enables to view which events are last run and events status.

Event - SMS Logs

In Event – SMS Logs able to view the events with the messages and response. We can able to view the party as well as the mobile number.

Approval Logs

Intimation of Approval Messages for Purchase Request, Purchase Order, Quotation. We can able to view submitted on and who has approved.


  • Chirix supports Easy Planning and Scheduling to complete the events.
  • Chirix provide visibility of events that impact customers.
  • Improves customer service with faster and better information about product availability, orders and fulfillment status.
  • Achieves product movement more efficiently and Increases productivity and proficiency.