Unique way to maintain stocks such as raw material, semi finished goods and finished goods.

Stock Maintenance

Maintain your stock with various parameter such as Size, Grade, Revision, Lot#, PKG#, Supplier, Customer and so on…

Stock Request

Our distribution of Raw Material or Semi-Finished Goods from one main store to multiple store, we can deliver the stock against stock request to avoid unnecessary stock transfer.

Store Replenishment:

Reduce negative impact of slow movers by categorizing them for special replenishment approaches.

Stock Transfer:

Store to store and plant to plant stock transfer in internal and external shop floor.


Monitors the extract location of a part(building, aisle, bay).

Bar Code Scanning:

Fully-integrated barcode printing and reading capability for inventory.

Stock Count:

To get closer stock accuracy and variance between the actual and system stock.


  • The visibility of stock across all over the production units.
  • Save tax pay by avoiding the unnecessary purchase of available stocks.
  • Get your materials on time for the production from your available shop floor or factories.
  • More accurate Inventory records.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity.
  • Runs in average cost or FIFO mode.
  • Provides the complete Inventory history.
  • Monitors physical count intervals and prints count sheets.
  • Easy to despatch with the already packed materials.


Operational Documents

  • Goods Receipts Notes
  • Delivery Challan
  • JJ Form

Tracking Reports

  • Stock Movement
  • Stock Balance
  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Value
  • Stock List
  • Stock Aging