Leads allows a user to keep accurate and detailed records of each lead. It is used for managing day-to-day Activities. We can assign leads to multiple sales agents to make way for faster follow ups and decisions with no time delay. If the lead is qualified then the task details are automatically transferred to the Opportunities.


Chirix Lead Management enables you to convert more views to customers. We can target the highest value opportunities and increase sales revenues using the Chirix Lead Management. Opportunity field provides where you have to enter and manage information about an opportunity, keep it up-to-date, analyze and set stages of it. An opportunity passes through several stages, which finally become a quotation.

Email Templates

Chirix Lead Management contains email templates, preformatted email that you can use to replace with your own content so that you can quickly and easily write and create emails. Email templates can be used to send a mass Email to leads / contacts. Using our email templates to send promotional activities.


  • It has complete lead database and better lead visibility.
  • We can send our predefined (unique template) email templates to multiple recipients.
  • Chirix Lead Management gives complete follow-up to track all activity.
  • Can have better co-ordination within sales team.
  • Chirix Lead Management maximizes the chance of sales opportunities and steadies the business growth.
  • Chirix Lead Management develops the sales performance and makes your sales team more Efficient and Effective.