Insurance Policies

Chirix Insurance Policies allows to create the Insurance policy of import / export company. The insurance policy is the contract between the insurer and insured. Insurance policy covers to exporters against loss in export of goods and services. Chirix supports multiple insurance policies.

Transport Schedules

Chirix LMS Transport Schedules enables to track the vessel and its arrival to and departure from the origin ports.

Export Consolidation

Export consolidation helps to get the data of all the pre shipping relevant document which is to be submitted to the customs. Chirix LMS Supports to attach the no of containers with container details which are ready to be exported. Chirix Provides the serial number tracking checks for goods to be transferred. Chirix LMS Provides the document to be submitted to the Insurance department and allows to enter the data relevant to the insurances.

Shipping Instruction

Shipping Instruction has the party option to feed the insurance Party / a forwarder. It is easy to check the service charges. Chirix supports multiple accruals in a single bill. Intimation of cargo and loading details can be generated using the Shipping Instructions.

Draft Transport Document

Draft Transport Document helps to confirm the transport document type and transport document. The DTD was created after the confirmation of Shipment Date. Once the Shipment Date is confirmed Chirix won’t allow to make any changes.Multiple accruals are added in Draft transport document, it is reflected in export declaration.

Export Declarations

Export Declaration helps to feed the completed export process. After exporting the goods to overseas, every organization should submit the export declaration documents to their government. Chirix allows to confirm the export declaration only when the exported stock is reduced from the inventory. Stock can be reduced in Inventory using Goods Issues. Export Declaration has confirmation option to pass the customer balance and sales value to the accounts. Chirix supports to enter the shipping bill number provided by the customs department in the export declaration.


  • Complete visibility of current business status and accounts helps in taking quick business decisions.
  • Recording the receiving of various pre-shipment documents.
  • Documentation for all processes and outbound clearance.
  • Support basic export documentation like Pre-shipment, and post-shipment documents.
  • Chirix supports Multiple Country Currency.
  • Complete accounting package to suit specifically the needs of freight forwarding business with multi location and multi division activity.
  • Web based application able to access multiple location.
  • Effective Tracking and control of cargo / container movements.
  • Real time service information.
  • Ensure effective management of stored goods.
  • Transportation facility i.e., providing suitable vehicle for transferring goods.
  • Ensuring hassle free freight forwarding.
  • Offers packaging services to the goods to be transferred.
  • Proper listing of containers in terms of product weighing.
  • Provide built-in functionality to the internal operations so that business get automated and facilitated.