Manage Equipment’s

Keeps a detailed record for each piece of equipment or machine, complete with manufacturer information, renewal dates, warranties and Insurance. Chirix supports clear visibility of Equipment and spares inventory. Chirix covers all aspects of managing Equipment’s Requests and Equipment return details.

Repair Request

Maintenance in charge creates a request for each service depending on the inspection report.

Maintenance Schedule

The services and time or distance intervals shown in the maintenance schedule. Track the machinery maintenance schedule to reduce the machinery problems.

Work Order

Work orders can be generated automatically based on machine, tool or equipment goes to repair or any services. It tracks the equipment by individual service level.

Equipment Downtime

Many external services which can be used to monitor the uptime and downtime as well as the availability of a service or a host.


Track of vital equipment statistics of operating hours, meter hours, delay time, down time etc.

Reduce Cost

Reduce the maintenance cost for the problems for machinery.


  • Monitors and keeps a record of failure trends, equipment breakdowns and unscheduled repairs, making it easier to analyze and improve the preventive maintenance.
  • User organize equipment into groups with identical preventive maintenance requirements, optimizing the use of scheduled down time.
  • Reduce equipment downtime.
  • Extend operational life of equipment.
  • Excise better accountability.
  • Increase maintenance productivity.
  • Improve health and safety compliances.


Upload Documents

  • PM Schedule
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Repair Request
  • Work Order Sheet

Tracking Reports

  • Equipment
  • Warranty Expiration
  • Insurance List
  • Depreciation
  • Equipment Reading
  • Equipment Downtime – By Equipment
  • Equipment Downtime – By Date
  • Workorder List
  • Next Schedules
  • Pending Schedules
  • Pending Repairs Request