Enhance the Profitability of Production

Helps to improve the profitability of production, Chirix software features functionality to streamline.

Plant Concept

Plant plays the key role in the production. Plant means the shop floor [Manufacturing Area]. Multiple plants can support in Chirix. We can restrict the plant visibility to other plant users.

Bill of Materials

Maintains Bill of Materials for finished and semi-finished products to enable planning of raw materials and for procurement.

Work Order

Work Order will probably state the quantity of the product to be manufactured & raw materials used, list of process rate (per unit/per hour) and amount and Bill of Material of the product.

Production Process

Chirix enables you to easily track your production process in Work Order and also can be able to monitor the wastage in each stage of production.

Scrap Tracking & Scheduling

Chirix enables you to easily track progressive scrap at every operation and measure scrap tolerances, thereby facilitating more accurate production costs.

Discrete Manufacturing

Chirix supports predefined process to track the production process. Chirix supports to combine two different semi-finished items manufacturing into a finished one.

Production Pre Costing

Chirix enables to pre calculate the product cost i.e. materials cost and process cost to make quick decision of market selling rate includes profit and depreciation.

Production Post Costing

Chirix enables to check the cost of consumed materials which are used for the process and the whole production cost against the billing rate to check whether Gain or Loss.

Production Planning

Chirix supports manufacturing industries practice of planning the production earlier than the execution for the efficient manufacturing. Plan production across your organization by consolidating confirmed orders and forecast demand.

Production Scheduling

Chirix enables to scheduling the production plan for an individual product or a Customer order and also we can assign the start time and end time for the production. Production Schedule can be done based on the demand of the products and the capacity of storage place or warehouse in an organization.

Process Scheduling

In Process Scheduling we can schedule and monitor the multiple processes and resources. Process Schedule and process receipt helps to track down the processes.

Replenishment Level

Chirix helps to keep the minimum stock level at each production plant. We optimize store level demand forecasting for regular turn merchandise and promotional products.

Events (E-mail & SMS)

Creates quote overdue work order list, overdue process list and allows the user to quickly Email or SMS requests to vendors.


  • Gives you the overall visibility of factories to make timely decisions.
  • Automation and Accuracy in issuing the Materials by BOM ratio.
  • The worker’s wages are calculated automatically from their produced quantity with the defined rate.
  • Production costing used to predict the profit of an item.
  • Track wastage in each stage of production.
  • Keep all your machines production utilization details in your hand.
  • The module designed in Chirix is highly integrated, provides excellent visibility, controls, and tools to manage.
  • Track outsourcer issues and receipts of materials.


Operational Documents

  • Work Order Sheet
  • Outsourcing Sheet
  • Costing Sheet
  • Costing List

Tracking Reports

  • Production Consumption
  • Production Requirements
  • Outstanding Process
  • Process Summary
  • Staff Productivity
  • Resource Utilization
  • Work Order List
  • WO Issue List
  • WO Receipt List


  • Work Order Status
  • Outstanding Process