Purchase Requisitions

Any department from an entity can submit request to purchase department.

Safety Stock Level

It triggers the purchase department when the stock level reaches the minimum quantity of available stocks.

Vendor Lead Time

Able to setup vendor’s purchase due date.

Vendor Price List

Maintains the Vendor’s price history to identity the price variations.

Purchase Order:

To ensure the PO with rate sealing, both inclusive & exclusive duties and tax.

Approval Work Flow

Filter and forward priority purchase to vendors. Allows authorized users to create and approve requisitions and PO.

Events (Email or SMS)

Creates quote requests, and allows the user to quickly Email or SMS requests to vendors.


  • Cut over the lacking on production by purchasing and actual needs.
  • Prevents stock-out and promotes the purchase orders when short fall occurs.
  • Helps to monitor and handle the overdue PO with vendor performance.
  • Get the best value of supplier by maintaining vendor price history.
  • You can be able to enquire the vendor for pending material inwards.
  • None of the purchase request and purchase order hides from your sight.


Operational Documents

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase Order

Tracking Reports

  • Vendor Item price List
  • Pending Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Receipts List
  • Purchase Ordered List
  • Vendors Performance List


  • Purchase Summary
  • Purchase Break up
  • Payment summary
  • Purchase Vs Payments