Pricing Method

Maintains the seasonal price list for every financial year. Different prices can be defined for the same Item using the pricing method.


Chirix supports quotation can be created for the existing customers and also for new sales prospects. Chirix enables to convert quotation as Sales Order once it is approved.

Multiple UOM

Chirix supports multiple UOM. Chirix supports both pack UOM and base UOM of Item in sales order. Order quantity can be added using both the base UOM and pack UOM of Item.

Manage Your Orders

Identify the order requirements and managing the orders throughout their life cycle. Chirix makes you to process the order to further operations confirm the received orders. You can send an acknowledgment of an order as a document or as a message through SMS to the Customers.

Order Scheduling

Chirix helps to optimize the delivery dates and you can define rules to take account of special customer requests. Scheduling the particular customer helps to deliver the goods on time.

Price List

Maintain multiple price list based on the Customer, Customer Group, Customer Markup Price, Customer Group Markup Price, Customer Markup Index, Customer Group Markup Index etc..,

Customer Lead Time

Chirix manage the shipping lead time of Customer. Configuring lead time group in each Customer level leads to automatic requisition date generation when place the Order.

Duties & Taxes

Supports all types of Duty and Taxes both Inclusive and Exclusive.

Packing List

A Packing lists is a document that details about the contents of a package. The Packing lists can be created based on parameters defined for each individual Item or directly from one or more orders by the customers or from the Picking list. Packing lists to be like invoices just show what the customer is receiving & being invoiced for exact now.

Delivery Order

Delivery Order provides lists the Items and the number of packages to be despatched. It helps the customer to verify the products received. Delivery Order can be created directly and also for the customer orders. Delivery Orders can be attached to the Invoice.


Easy to generate Invoice by simply scanning the Barcodes and supports to generate direct Invoice, against Sales Order, against Delivery Order and against Packing List.

Despatch List/Delivery Instruction

Delivery Instruction is the confirmation of the Sales and Shipment process. Delivery Instruction contains the information of Transporter Name & L.R Number, Vehicle Name & Number with Driver Details and you can group the instruction by Customer and Service Provider. When confirm the Delivery Instruction, Bill will Post to Relevant Account and stock will be deducted in respective store.

Events (Email or SMS)

Chirix offers an email and text alert service that allows you to sending notifications and alerts for order confirmations, confirmed shipment and shipment not confirmed, invoice creation, overdue order list, order list etc.


  • Enable to track Items throughout the Sales Process along with Dispatch Details.
  • Chirix allows to group multiple invoices of a same Customer and also multiple Customer‘s Invoice in a single Delivery Instructions.
  • Simplifies the Billing by barcode Scanning [Package or Item level].
  • One central database with no duplication of Invoice.
  • Support to merge Multiple Production Plant’s stock (CARTON BOX) in a Single Bill.
  • Chirix supports various Price List configuration.
  • Customer Item Price configuration for reducing the redundant price updating on billing.
  • Supports users to track the status of the Customer Order.
  • Maintain the Agent’s details and other preference.
  • Coordinate various departments (Agents, Billing, Production, Dispatch, Accounts).
  • Maintains stock’s various history Auto Posting to Accounts to reduce manual mistakes.
  • Get end-to-end visibility of your Order-to-Cash process.
  • To identify the contents of the CARTON BOX with the automatic generation of Unique Package number.
  • On time of shipping system automatically down line the inventory and boost up the Customer accounts.


Operational Documents

  • Quotation
  • Order Acknowledge Document
  • Order Schedule
  • Packing List
  • Excise Invoice
  • Tax Invoice
  • JJ Form
  • Transport Bill
  • Delivery Instruction

Tracking Reports

  • Outstanding Orders – Group by Customer, Item, Date
  • Order List – Group by Customer, Item, Date
  • Consolidated Outstanding Orders
  • Favourite List – Order List & Sales List
  • Despatch List – Group by Customer, Item, Date
  • Sales Report - Group by Customer, Item


  • Sales Summary
  • Receipts Summary
  • Sales Vs Receipts
  • Sales Vs Purchase