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Consulting Overview

Chirix Consultancy focus on advising businesses on how to make the best use of Chirix to meet your business objectives. To identify your company’s existing systems and data, existing hardware, current processes, procedures, policies and requirements. We will gather details like reporting needs, expectations and implementation requirements.

JM-ORIGIN provides your platform for success by delivering a comprehensive closed loop solution supporting the five key service centric processes behind all management consultancies: winning the business, staffing projects effectively, managing engagement delivery, streamlining financial operations and regulatory compliance and analyzing business performance.

With JM-ORIGIN for Service Enterprises, you can anticipate improvements in billing and revenue management, contract administration, cash flow, customer satisfaction and overall visibility resulting in more profitable business. We provide Consulting services across all Industries. We understand each industry is unique.

How do we help

Our consultants are experienced and work with the clients to understand the current business processes, analyze them and suggest appropriate alternatives to improve corporate performance. We help organizations evaluate and select and implement Chirix software and facilitate all related organizational changes. We also provide consultancy on technology based products, solutions, services, applications and recommend a tailor-made action plan for our clients’ business processes. To effectively meet and manage our client’s needs, we employ a highly trained Functional consultant for full-time and leverage the skill sets of hundreds of Chirix experts across the globe. Our employee has more than years of consulting experience and is extensively trained to help companies manage successful Chirix software and transformation projects.

JM-ORIGIN believe that the selection of a new or business information system should begin with your business needs and not with a pre -defined list of software. That’s why we will always begin the selection process by spending time within your business. We will spend time speaking to your people, understanding your objectives and examining your processes.

The Chirix system selection process can be tailored to your exact requirements giving you as much assistance as you need; from an initial business review, to the generation of a specification document through to system selection.


JM-ORIGIN understand that every client will have different requirements depending on the type of project and the strengths and weaknesses of their implementation team. JM-ORIGIN have the experience and flexibility to work with you in a variety of ways to help plan, guide or control the process from full project management through to project assurance and mentoring roles.


Our Solution provide real and measurable results. We have provided optimized management solutions and JM-ORIGIN services covering implementation, consulting, operation & maintenance to domestic overseas enterprise user. We also provide technical support for industry solution. Adhering to the philosophy of customer focus and excellence by innovation, we are dedicated to providing users with the best software platforms and top-notch services.


  • Implement the Chirix software on-time and on-budget.
  • Holistically address the business, organizational, process and technological aspects of a successful Chirix software initiative.
  • Incorporate measurable operational and business process improvements into your Chirix initiative.
  • Minimize business risk and disruption throughout the Chirix software implementation.
  • Maximize measurable business benefits after the Chirix “go-live”.
  • Using technology to do more for less & delivering positive bottom-line impact.
  • Having tools in place to provide robust measurements & reports.
  • Ensuring that your business is legally compliant.
  • A flexible and managed approach to dealing with any changes that occur within the business environment during the life cycle of the project.
  • Excellent time management and a timely delivery of the final product.
  • Strong two-way communication channels between all involved in the management of the project.

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