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Implementation Overview

We are providing small and medium sized Enterprises with consultative services in selecting Chirix Software that is a suitable for their requirements and rule of processes.

Chirix Software is to automate business processes in order to increase business efficiency and provide better visibility. As our Functional Consultants are specialized in your industry that makes our team to complete the project on time and in budget.

Our main concern is to enable the customer to realize improvements that should follow if the correct product and exact implementation is done.

Whether you are implementing upgrades to optimize your current system or implementing a new system, Our Chirix implementation specialists may help you through each phase of the implementation process.

By choosing our Chirix Implementation Services, we assure our project brings you Return of Investment (ROI) for your business.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the first step of Implementation. Business Analysis is the analysis of current or existing process of the company. We analyze and review your business process to develop the current business processes. We analyze and simplify the business process and then we optimize and streamline the business flow. We eliminate the redundant process and finally we suggest the areas for upgrading the company.

Fit and Gap Analysis

The Fit and Gap analysis identifies where the current software system does not fit existing customer's requirements. Each business process and requirements analyzed in the previous step are reviewed. Business processes that can suitable using the Chirix Solution can be confirmed as a Fit. Otherwise it is a gap. The gap analysis is able to reveal the exact details of the missing functionality. Each and every gap will be fixed by customization of the solution, implementation of a workaround or revision of the Business process.

User Acceptance Test (UAT)

User Acceptance Test (UAT) is the complete end-to-end system to confirm that system meets the customer business requirements. In the Key User and Functional Consultant will achieve an end-to-end business processes testing. The objective of UAT is to validate that all features of the Chirix Solution support the Customer's business processes and produce the expected results. The implementation team will work with the development team to develop the testing scenarios to confirm all parts of the system are tested.

Data Migration

Data migration is the key factor of successful implementation. Data Migration is the process of moving existing system data into new system. We will migrate all the data required to run your business and eliminate the business-process interruptions. We can migrate data effectively that proves Our Chirix is suitable one.Before Go-live, the development team deploys all customizations to the system and completes the master data migration.

Go Live

The final stage of Implementation Service is Go Live. The Go Live implementation is the best time to have extra support resources on the floor. After the first few days of the go-live period, the users will have achieved more confidence in the System and the knowledge transfer to the customer, performing a final quality check and the Implementation segment is finished. After successful Go-Live, the Implementation team for ongoing support.


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