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Chirix has been serving as a key component of Engineering Industries strategic initiative to interconnect all its functionalities. Chirix that solves your business challenges and meets your specific requirements.

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Chirix makes modernize Apparel / Garments process from fabric to till the cloth is sold. Chirix can monitor the material in every stage of the production process and calculate wastages. Chirix deliver complete view of customer order to dispatch.

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Chirix really took the time to understand your unique needs. With Chirix features tailored to the precise requirements, as well as the demands of its industry, operational processes were streamlined. Chirix helps to make your work easier and proper.

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Chirix face their intention that improves inventory management capabilities with the ability to measure real time insights and visibility of Purchase, Inventory, Production and Sales data to control over top to bottom action on production units.

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Chirix Manage and track your entire chemical operation, from production to distribution, with a single solution. Chirix support them to keep track of everything that is Life Cycle of Stocks as well as Account.

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Chirix helped to standardized Spinning process with very beneficial by provided real time Purchase into Sales data to optimize product availability. Chirix to support the cost estimation & production planning.

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 Fish Net


Chirix ERP system to help them understand and manage production process, sales performance, and customer trends. Chirix automatically down line the inventory and boost up the customer accounts.

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Chirix integrate real-time information across their entire business. Chirix allows you to manage logistics requirements of your business trading partners to help reduce chargebacks.

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 Poly Bags


Chirix fine-tune your process to monitor the raw material consumption, machine wise productivity cost, control the process level wastage and helps to improve your quality of process and business.

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